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Munchies is really popular this day. It is under action genre and most people enjoy to play this in 2021. Today, GiDownload will give you a brand new way to play this game without spending a single buck, normally this game cost $2.99 nevertheless now it is free

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About Munchies

About This Game
Help Berry Munch on the adventure of his life! Collect food, fight creepy-crawly critters and rescue your family in this happy, feel-good, casual 2D platformer.
Explore five different environments and find your way around various obstacles. Meet dozens of interesting and unique enemies, and some friends too! Run, jump, climb, fly, sail, swing and do other silly things to defeat the evil rat boss and reach your family.

25 levels - five unique environments with five levels each
25 challenges - once beaten, each level can be played in challenge mode
25 achievements - all can be achieved with reasonable skill and persistence
Beautiful artwork - all hand drawn with amazing attention to detail
Casual gameplay - controls and physics are not the snappiest
Almost 100 enemies and obstacles - they have many talents
Happy music - soundtrack that will pick you up and make you want to explore
Child friendly - mild cartoon violence only
Over 5 hours of gameplay available - well, this one is up to you

Building this game was an amazing experience full of ups and downs. This is our first game, and just finishing and releasing it is a big victory in itself. During this time, we came to know and love our little Berry, and we hope you'll do the same! If you need help, advice or just want to say hi - stop by our community hub. We'll be glad to meet you.

Yours truly,
Petra and Marin
Roadside Studio
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