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Little Monkeys Eat Bananas is really popular today. It is under action genre and everyone loves to play this in 2021. Today, GiDownload will give you a brand new way to play this game without spending a single buck, normally this game cost $4.99 but now it is free

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About Little Monkeys Eat Bananas

About This Game How many monkeys does it take to rescue the Good Little Monkeys from the clutches of the Big Bad Gorilla King?

Just one.Monkey ActionsTraverse the world using a hoard of monkey-based actions, including: running, jumping, clinging to floating rings, and climbing up and down vines!Collect BananasGather bananas as you travel through the levels. Gain 100 to get a new life, eat some in the pause menu to regain health, or throw them at the baddies to defeat them!Defeat EnemiesBounce on the baddies' heads to defeat them (and get an extra banana!), or take a risk and try to throw a banana at them for a chance to win THREE bananas!Golden Banana CoinsHidden in each non-boss level is a Golden Banana Coin. Collect all of them to unlock a super special surprise...Diverse BiomesExplore lush jungles; navigate through deep, dark caves; sneak through the Gorilla Fortress; and so much more on your way to save the Good Little Monkeys from the Big Bad Gorillas! And each biome comes with its own awesome music!Be a hero, save the Good Little Monkeys, and defeat the Big Bad Gorillas once and for all in this incredible monkey-themed 2D Platformer!
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