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FoxVoltex is really popular this day. It is under action genre and everyone loves to play this in 2021. Today, GiDownload will give you a fresh way to play this game without spending a single buck, normally this game cost $9.99 but now it is free

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About FoxVoltex

About This Game Dashing feeling MAX! Dash action!
The stage is a robot town where everything is mechanically driven
A sudden lightning strike in this peaceful town!
The function of the town is down, and the security robot loses control and runs away
In an instant I was caught in a vortex of confusion.
It seems that the ground lightning rod that protected the town from lightning is out of order
The protagonist of the robot that maintains the peace of the town, Tex aims for the ground lightning rod to restore the town! !!

Animated graphics
And enjoy it with a cool sound.
There are over 30 types of stages and over 90 hidden elements!
A platform game that you can easily play!Even beginners of action games can easily enjoy themselves!
・Even if it is done, you can immediately retry! !!

・Only the left stick and A button can be operated!

・When you get better, it will be fun!
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