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The Chess Variants Club is really popular this very day. It is under casual genre and everyone loves to play this in 2021. Today, GiDownload will give you a fresh way to play this game without spending a single buck, normally this game cost $4.99 but now it is free

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About The Chess Variants Club

About This Game Choose the chess variant you'd like to play sorted by piece sets:... or sorted by board size:

Play and discover 12 popular chess variants, improve your chess skills with hundreds of chess puzzles, or simply play regular chess with your friends - all in one package.

This diverse collection includes several chess games and puzzles that will entertain you and your friends for thousands of hours. All in a minimalist, beautifully designed virtual chess club.Here is the list of Chess Variants currently available (more to come soon):
Dunsany's Chess;
Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess);
Los Alamos Chess;
Atomic Chess;
Silverman Chess;
Diana chess;
Circe Chess;
Dunsany's Chess;
3-Checks Chess;
Knight Supreme Chess;
The Pawns Game.
Key Features: Play against the computer or with your friends (local multiplayer or Remote Play Together);
Originally composed soundtrack to help you relax and concentrate;
12 Chess Variants to learn and play (more to be added soon!);
More than 400 chess puzzles to solve (Classical Chess, Atomic Chess, 3-Checks Chess, Micro-Chess, Demi-Chess, Diana Chess, Circe Chess, and more to come soon);Hundreds of chess puzzles available:Play a chess match remotely with a friend, with Remote Play Together.
Invite your friend to play with you. He/she doesn't need to have a Steam account - see here;
The remote player can use the shared mouse, the shared keyboard, or a gamepad (it currently works for a limited set of controller models).
The input devices to be shared are defined by the player who made the invitation and is running the game;
The definition of which input device will be used by which player is made at the start of each match.
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