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About Teach the world to write Chinese characters

About This Game Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and Chinese characters show the cultural background of China.Each Chinese character is the life sentiment of the predecessors.
This game is good to help you understand Chinese culture Chinese characters.

When playing this game, you only need to enter the corresponding text, we help you to compare the level of qualified writing.You will be given a score and a gold prize.
There are 5 chapters in the game, and as the chapters go on, you will get to know and like Chinese characters better.
Let's swim in the ocean of Chinese culture!
The first chapter is the stroke, the second chapter is the side, the third chapter is the simple Chinese, the fourth chapter is the general Chinese, the fifth chapter is the complex Chinese.Step by step to let you understand Chinese characters!
[teach the world to write Chinese characters] official QQ exchange group: 913912306!
You are welcome to join us. You can discuss topics related to the game in the group. You can also keep abreast of the latest developments and benefits of the game.
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